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Green Energy

Alternative energy products and services to make your home or business "true green", environemtally sound and meeting all current requirements to be classified as green.

Green Products

Building your project from the ground up with only products that are sustainable and protect our environment is our goal.

Organic Design

Accomplishing a "true organic" environment takes planning and forethought. We have the products and expertise to make your project safe and sound for years to come.

True Organic Technology - Offering our customers a "true organic" choice

Our line of wind products include some of the most popular wind generating systems available and are adaptable to many environments. We also design our own wind systems that you can only get from us.

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Solar energy is becoming more economically feasible as the price for the systems is more available and therefore less expensive. However the cost for permitting and installation is still very high. We have tips and tricks that can reduce all those "soft costs"

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Hybrid energy is the most reliable form of alternative energy. It provides power when the sun shines or the wind blows making it a good choice for your alternative energy needs.

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True organic hydroponics involves using building materials that are sustainable and organic, using a power source that is sustainable and organic and using only organic nutrients and pesticides.

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We strive to only provide 'true organic" products and solutions to our customers.


We sit down and listen to your desires and needs and help you determine the best course of action.


We take the details we have learned and implement a course of action that best suits your particualr needs.

Our Partners

All our partners have the same green culture attitude. To protect our planet for future generations.