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Hybrid Energy

Hybrid Energy - Wind & Solar

Hybrid energy systems offer several advantages over stand alone wind or solar.

In most areas the wind doesn' blow in the summer when the sun shines the brightest and the opposite is true for winter months. Combining the two systems just makes sense.

Hybrid energy systems are defined as the integration of several types of energy generation equipment such as electrical energy generators, electrical energy storage systems, and renewable energy sources.

This is a general definition and our use is defined as wind and solar combined

A Brief Explanation

The concept is simple. Put a wind generation system and a solar panel array on the same grid and combine them to produce energy round the clock. This on demand power supply is used as needed and what is not used is stored in a battery system to be used when the system is not producing enough power to maintain the needs of the group it is providing energy for. In larger systems this energy is sold back to the utility company and they feed it into the larger grid. Thirty-eight states now have laws in place that require the energy companies to buy back this energy.

Additional Info

Hybrid Energy For a Constant Energy Supply

By combining two systems we can meet peak hours of demand.

New Age Of Energy

The new age of energy is allowing for the storage of energy when it is not needed.

Concentrated Solar Helps Meet The Demand

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