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System Design

Hydroponic System Design

Starting from the ground up we will deign a hydroponic system that is true organic.

We use only sustainable resources locally sourced when possible for the building itself. We incorporate a hybrid wind and solar system into the facility. We put a water ecovery and filtration system in that gives us a %60 water recovery on average. We filter the water to get a clean product and overbuild our systems so they can utilize organic nutrients. Our systems also use a fish feeding system that we feed only organic nutrients. This is antother revenue stream. When the fish reach a certain length you can sell them and start fresh.

A third revenue stream is the excess energy you produce from your wind and solar hybrid system.

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Wind System Design

Okay you put a windmill on top of the house or building hook up some wires and your done right? WRONG!!

Choosing the right system is the first part. You can overbuild or buy. You need to know you home or businesse usage per day.

The second step is to get the permits. If you are hooking into the grid this can be a cumbersome process. If you are not and live in a residential area, then your city or county will require permits and a licensed installer. Primarily because if you do it yourself and havea fire or something as a result of faulty wiring your insurance company qon't pay the bill. Relax we can do this for you ar hook you up with the right people in your area.

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Solar System Design

The process is the same as with wind systems except the ability to find qualified installers and the cost of permitting are difficult and high. The energy department can help with those (soft costs). We can help with qualified installers and the hassle of getting the right permits.

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Hydrid Energy Systems

Where to start? What do Ineed? Are the two systems compatible.

First: You start with us, Second: you need an analysis of your particular needs.Third: No they are not %100 compatible which means you need converters and much more. Relax we got this. We know how to make a hybrid energy system that is unique to you and fully compatible.

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