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Wind Power

The chance to build a wind generating system for your home or business will always be avaialble from TRue Organic Technology and it's affiliates but the tax credit for doing so expires this winter.

As a well know singer/songwriter said; "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind"

Bob Dylan might have been a prophet foreseeing the future of energy in the world

Making it Affordable

Wind power can be very affordable and when you look at the cost of energy and the way we are depleting our fossil fuels (not to mention the pollution) it just makes sense to incorporate a wind system into your environment.

To do this and make it pay for itself you need to know how much energy is consumed everyday in your home or business. Then you need to find a system that will generate that much or more energy.

A Brief History

Humans have been using wind power for at least 5,500 years to propel sailboats and sailing ships. Windmills have been used for irrigation pumping and for milling grain since the 7th century AD in what is now Afghanistan, India, Iran and Pakistan.

So why not use it at home or your business? The problem has been that to produce enough energy from a windmill to power a home and especially a business you would have to have one of those massive windmill towers you have seen in the countryside.


Introducing the new age of wind. The tower you see there is the largest and they come in much smaller sizes. Generate energy at much slower wind speeds and are versatile enough to fit on top of houses, apartment buildins and office structures. This new concept at even the smallest capacity will produce 500 KW of power indefinitely making it necessary to have a battery storage system or to sell off the excess to you local utility company. No electric bill and they pay you instead. Pretty good deal I would say. You can only get this from us. So Contact us Today and get your own energy supply and make it pay for itself in less than a year.

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Get involved in the movement to protect our planet and provide a better, cleaner future for our children and their children. Let us connect you with like minded people and programs in your area. Start Today

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